A plan for establishing a pumpkin patch and other entertainment facilities was accepted by McPherson County Planning Board Monday.

A plan for establishing a pumpkin patch and other entertainment facilities was accepted by McPherson County Planning Board Monday.
The board conducted a hearing on a special-use application from Tim and Jamie Kaminkow for establishing the new facility at the board’s regular meeting.
According to documents submitted to the planning board, the facility would comprise between 12 and 15 acres of the Kaminkow family’s land at 311 16th Ave. in Moundridge.
The pumpkin patch and its parking lot will be on the northwest portion of the property where the facility will not be seen from the road or by surrounding homeowners.
A food venue would be provided, and activities including slides and a small farm animal petting zoo are under consideration.
Board Secretary Kenneth Cook said the details had been left a little open so the specific attractions could be developed.
“We didn’t require them to put everything in the general guideline,” Cook said. “As long as they stay in those areas and uses, they won’t have to come back and amend their request.”
Cook said the Kaminkow’s decision to place the facility toward the northwest corner would likely keep activity quiet, as well as private, as far as neighbors are concerned.
“There’s a neighbor directly south,” Cook said, “but using that northwest corner should keep it quiet, and there are evergreen screens as well. Other than a sign at the street and a driveway, it won’t be seen.”
The location is about five miles west and a mile and a third north of Moundridge.
The Kaminkows were unavailable for comment at press time.

Banquet facility
A request by Josh and Rebecca Hastings for the operation of a banquet and event facility to be included in their annual Kansas Barn Sale Art and Antique Fest was approved.
The Hastings, who own 4.7 acres of land at 2959 Arapaho Road, Hesston, wished to be able to use the facility as a rental space for social events, such as weddings and banquets.
The county approved this, with requirements for closing at midnight and for amplified sound to no longer be used out of doors after 8:30 p.m.
A provision also was put in place to allow parking on the south side of the road only during barn sales.

Yard setback
Bill and Sharon Keeler’s request for a conditional-use reduction in minimum yard requirements was allowed.
A number of structures on the Keeler property, 1040 Old Highway 81, were previously believed to be owned by an adjacent property owner. The property line ran through the buildings, and the Keelers wished for their property line to be moved back for the buildings’ ownership to be clearly established to their neighbors.