The things we liked - and didn't like - this week in the McPherson area.

Thumbs up
Programs breaks down barriers  for special ed students
We would like to acknowledge a group of students who are participating in the Bullpups Breaking Barriers program.
During eighth hour, MMS students from general education and special education get together to play Uno and build friendships.
The program helps promote understanding between peers.

MCDS begins work on new housing complex
We would like to give a thumbs up to Multi Diversified Community Services on their new Hickory Heights project. Demolition began this week on a housing complex at 225 S. Hickory.  A new 12-unit $2.4 million housing complex for residents with developmental disabilities will go in its place.

Group makes strides in landing new health clinic
We give a thumbs up to the group working to bring a federally funded community health care clinic to McPherson. Group members hope this clinic will be able to provide much need services to low-income families, as well as offer more health care choices to middle class families.
We wish them well in their endeavors.

Dinner board members serve community
We would like to thank all the board members of  Community Thanksgiving Inc. for their tireless service to the community. The group also organizes the Community Christmas Dinner, which will be on Christmas Day at the Community Building. All are welcome. The dinner is free.
Board members are Theresa Nelson, Barb Greischar, Debbie Davis, Cindy Goldsmith, Verla Thomason, Curtis Blake, Merlin Miller, George Ann Cavanaugh, Betty Thomas, Jody Miller, Dennis Friesen, Mike McCormick, Clif McIrvin, Rod Nelson, James Melland, Banks Adams, Dena Goodall, Summer Koehn and Deleata Adams.
There is still time to make reservations. Call 241-1292 by Monday.
Those who can are encouraged to donate to the nonprofit by mail at Community Thanksgiving Inc., P. O. Box 14 McPherson, KS 67460. A donation box with envelopes also will be at the dinner in the lobby.

City addresses dog issues
We applaud the city this week for taking steps to better address the issue of animal control.
Before the owner of a dog running at large could be fined up to $500. The code has been changed to a five-tiered fining structure.
First offense will be $50, second offense $100, third offense $150, fourth offense $250, and fifth offense $500.  
The city also will hire a new part-time worker for the animal shelter, so the animal control officer can spend more time on enforcement.

Mowery to offer women’s health care services
We give a thumbs up this week to Mowery Women’s Clinic of Salina for offering a new gynecological clinic in McPherson. The city has been without a women’s clinic for about a year.

Thumbs sideways
Respect children’s hard work
McPherson Middle School’s choir concert Monday was lovely.
The children all performed wonderfully. The children and their teachers obviously worked very hard to prepare for the performance.
Unfortunately, for some audience members, the experience was marred by a few fellow audience members who refused to give the students the respect and attention they deserved.
Some concert-goers talked while the children were singing. Others turned their attention to cell phone. Still others entered and exited the outer doors to the building allowing the doors to slam shut while the children were singing.
Our children deserve better than this. We understand your child may not be on stage the entire performance, but please in the future be respectful of the children who are.