The city is considering an ordinance that would make it unlawful for those with concealed carry permits to take their weapons into municipal court.

The city is considering an ordinance that would make it unlawful for those with concealed carry permits to take their weapons into municipal court.
Last spring, the Kansas Legislature passed legislation removing jurisdiction of concealed carry laws from local governments.
Many local government buildings had been exempt from concealed carry laws prior to this new legislation. The new law will make it legal for permit holders to carry concealed weapons in state and local government buildings as of Jan. 1. This included municipal and district courts.
The Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court ruled that courts are a separate branch of government and will set their own rules in this matter, City Attorney Jeff Houston said.
Houston said a number of state district courts have adopted this policy as well.
The state statute said government agencies could limit concealed carry in buildings if they had adequate security measures, such as metal detectors.
The city is discussing establishment of an adequate security plan measure for the next four years.
Developed by McPherson Police Chief RobMcClarty and Houston, the adequate security plan would, for four years, override the need to step up to the adequate security measures.
Nearing the expiration of the adequate security plan in 2018, the city would have to decide whether to purchase metal detectors for the municipal court at that time.
The city also discussed concealed carry issues in relation to city employees.
While city employees may be allowed to carry such weapons with correct permits, the city noted its insurance will not cover employee use of deadly force, save in the cases of law enforcement, investigators investigating an arson site and active duty military.
The city also arrived at the conclusion that, should a city employee accidentally shoot him or herself, he or she will not be eligible for workman’s compensation.
After more refining, both ordinances will go before the city commission at its next regular meeting.

The city approved two special-use permits allowing the creation of accessory apartments in two single-family residences.
One of the residences will be built at 501 E. Hancock St. after demolition of the current structure, and the other will be at 919 S. Main St.
An accessory apartment is a smaller home built into a single-family residence for another individual or family. Accessory apartments are a way to establish a two-family home in single family zoning.
Each unit is required to have a minimum of two off-street parking spaces on the lot for each dwelling unit, to be constructed of the same materials with the same exterior appearance of the main house, and remain under the same ownership as the main home.

Other business

The city commission approved replacing three shade structures at the McPherson Water Park that had been damaged in the wind storm earlier in the year for a cost not to exceed $4,773.