Rep. Clark Shultz of McPherson was elected by the precinct committee men and women of Senate District 35 to replace outgoing Sen. Jay Emler Thursday night.

Rep. Clark Shultz  of McPherson was elected by the precinct committee men and women of Senate District 35 to replace outgoing Sen. Jay Emler Thursday night.
Shultz of McPherson has represented District 73 for 17 years. There were no other nominations for the seat.
Emler recently resigned his seat to take a position on the Kansas Corporation Commission.
“I am very humbled, and I am very grateful to the precinct committee men people that they trust and have faith in me,” Shultz said.
On accepting his position, he said he had deep feelings for the McPherson Opera House where the Republican convention was conducted Thursday as his grandmother lived in the building in the 1940s when there were apartments there.
He said he remembers his father taking him to Topeka when he argued for individual rights in front of the Kansas Supreme Court.
“That is where I developed an interest in government and politics, but I never imagined I would have the opportunity to serve in the Senate,” Shultz said.
Emler in his departing remarks said it was an honor to serve the people of the 35th District, adding his departure was bitter sweet.
“I have met a lot of good people, and I appreciate everyone who has supported us during the last 14 years,” Emler said.
Procedure dictates Shultz’s election would go to the governor for signature, but that is mostly seen as a formality.
Shultz said the Senate leadership told him he would likely be able to take his seat Monday or Tuesday. He said he did not know on which committees he will serve.
In the house, Shultz was the chairman of the rules and insurance committees. In the Senate, Emler was the vice chairman of the federal and state affairs committee.
He said the Senate leadership has informed him the Senate has waited to debate or vote on any legislation until the District 73 seat was filled.
“I think that shows respect for this district and our senator and for you.” he said.
Shultz is also campaigning for Insurance Commissioner, and said Thursday he should make a formal announcement of his candidacy in the coming weeks.
Shultz’s election to the Senate, leaves a vacancy in his house seat. The precinct committee men and women of District 73 will meet at 7 p.m. Feb. 17 at the Wesley Black Fine Arts Center/Greer Auditorium at Central Christian College, 1200 S. Main St., McPherson, to elect a replacement for Shultz.
The newly elected representative will serve until January 2015.
Special elections will be conducted in November for both the District 73 House seat and the District 35 Senate seat.
If Shultz files to run for Insurance Commissioner, he cannot run for the Senate seat.
The filing deadline for the special election is June 1 with a primary in August.