Residents are expressing concerns about a feature to be constructed on the roundabout at Centennial Road and First Street.

Residents are expressing concerns about a feature to be constructed on the roundabout at Centennial Road and First Street.
A number of larger stones have been set on the roundabout that will be repositioned into an aesthetic feature for the city’s Front Porch Project.
The project is aimed to beautify the entrance to the city and direct traffic to various key sites around McPherson.
The project has been paid for through donations.
Denny Walters, a local resident, spoke to the McPherson City Commission Monday saying about 20 people had expressed concerns the stones were blocking the line of sight at the intersection.
Mayor Tom Brown echoed the city’s previous stance on the roundabout feature.
He said the city contacted the Kansas Department of Transportation and the Nebraska Department of Transportation about the roundabout.
Both departments indicated a roundabout with a clear line of sight was more dangerous than one that had a partially blocked view of traffic on the other side.
Brown said drivers are supposed to be watching traffic to the left. The partially obstructed view causes people to slow down going into the roundabout.
The stones at the roundabout are not in their permanent places. Arrangements are being made to bring in a crane to set the stones as soon as possible.
When the roundabout structure is completed, the large stone will sit upright in the roundabout and the smaller stones will come like points of a compass or star. A wind sculpture will adorn the top of the large stone. The area also will be landscaped.
In other business, the city:

Approved the United Way Triathlon, which will be Aug. 16. Approved a routine transfer of funds to McPherson Industrial Development Co. The city keeps a reserve to fund MIDC and transfers funds only when needed. $50,000 was transferred for regular operations. Approved an amount not to exceed $1,626 to PrairieLand Partners for mower parts. Approved an amount not to exceed $1,400 for the purchase of computers from MBM for the fire department. Approved $15,000 for 2014 for the Sidewalk Maintenance Program. Homeowners can apply for funds to help make repairs to sidewalks. Approved an nuisance assessment ordinance. Money that was not paid for the city’s removal of weeds or trees will be added to property owners’ taxes. Approved $5,000 for Circles of McPherson County. Approved an amount not to exceed $1,680 for two new computers and monitors for the municipal court. Approved cab licenses for Mac Cab and J & N Taxi.