A month after moving to town, Andrea Eden and Chad Jones wandered Lindsborg’s streets Saturday morning dressed as waffles, shouting “Happy Waffle Day!” to passersby.
“We’ve been fully acclimated, I guess,” Jones said.
He and Eden moved from Missouri a month ago, and Eden volunteered them to dress up as waffles via a Facebook post.
“Now we get to cross it off our bucket list,” Eden said. “It’s up there with skydiving.”
Lindsborg’s Waffle Day, or Vaffeldagen, is rooted in a Swedish celebration of spring. The event was low-key in past years, with people dressing up as waffles March 25 and greeting all they saw.
This year, the event was moved to the weekend, and waffle-themed games took up a block of Lindsborg’s main street. These included a waffle-stacking contest, a waffle house building contest, and, of course, a waffle eating contest.
“It brings everyone together and draws people from other towns to enjoy Lindsborg,” Jones said. “It brings a sense of humor, solidarity and fun.”
Bethany College students and staff ran and sometimes participated in the games, which took place from 10 a.m. to noon. Ed Leonard, president of Bethany College and father of two boys, said it was a great opportunity for his students to interact with the community.
“Lindsborg does a lot of stuff like this where the college works with the community,” Leonard said. “A lot of the kids may not want to be here on a Saturday morning, but when it’s done, I think they’ll be glad they came.”
Dquileien Hill, a student at Bethany from Georgia, said he thought Vaffeldagen sounded interesting when he first heard about it. After running the waffle toss game, he said he enjoyed it.
“It looks like everyone’s having fun with the games,” Hill said. “I’ll be coming back to it all four years I’m here.”
Businesses got in on the waffle spirit as well. Several restaurants served waffles throughout the day, and Sarah Ash, owner of Sarahendepity, made a waffle necklace to raffle off.
“This used to be sort of a work week thing, but this year we decided to make it bigger and involve the kids,” Ash said. “It’s just plain fun. It’s wacky and out there and shows a bit of our heritage.”
Jones said people will probably see him and Eden dressed up as waffles again.
“We’ll probably do it again next year,” Jones said. “Who doesn’t want to be a waffle?”