Contrary to what Sandy Nathan voiced in a letter to the editor on April 1, McPherson is very lucky to have Les Mason to represent the 73rd District.
Nathan claims “the ACA has already done great things.”  Great things like: you can’t keep your doctor, you can’t keep your insurance, most premiums and deductibles are higher, difficult to enroll, just to name a few.
Most that have signed up for “ObamaCare” have done so because their insurance was cancelled due to ObamaCare.
Nathan wants Les Mason and “his party” to help make the system work. I hope Nathan understands when Obama Care was passed into law in the spring of 2010, Democrats controlled the House and the Senate. No Republicans voted for this law.
A recent CNN News poll shows 57 percent of the people polled disapprove of ObamaCare and our president continues to dismantle his own law!
Health insurance executives are warning of double and even triple digit premium hikes for health plans sold on the ObamaCare exchanges for 2015.
But wait, the ACA contains a bailout provision, Section 1342, to make insurers whole for losses. (Bailout provided by taxpayers.)
ObamaCare rules make it impossible for an insurer to offer “affordable” plans and still cover costs.
Makes you wonder where they got the name “Affordable Care Act”!
— Beverly Hunter, McPherson