For Kevin Whelpley, this weekend was a good time to party.

For Kevin Whelpley, this weekend was a good time to party.
Kevin’s Dance was Saturday at the 4-H building on Woodside. This annual event is a chance for people with disabilities to meet and have fun in a social environment.
“We’ve done a dance for Kevin and his friends for the last 20 years,” said Randy Whelpley, Kevin's brother who comes from Salina each year to DJ the event. “We have the special needs people come out and have fun.”
The event included drinks, hot dogs, snacks and door prizes as well as plenty of music. Randy said his family started the event so people with special needs could have good, fun social time.
“It gets them out of the house, and they seem to enjoy it,” Randy said. “You can’t play a wrong song.”
The music included several line dances and the “Chicken Dance,” the latter of which was popular among the partygoers.
The event is staffed by volunteers from a number of organizations that support those with disabilities as well as members of the community. Marge Whelpley, who works at MCDS and is married to Randy, said social time is important for the people she works with.
“Clients need to get out with the community,” Marge said. “It’s a chance for them to get together in a fun atmosphere.”
Richard Pratt has been attending Kevin’s Dance for the last six or seven years. He worked at MCDS until he retired last year and said he enjoys the event.
“I like everything — the food, the dancing, the people,” Pratt said. “It’s so you can meet everybody and get together.”