Gain an appreciation for your community by becoming a volunteer.

Have you ever been so excited about something that you wanted to stand on a mountain top and shout the message to those below? That’s how I feel about my work with United Way of McPherson County. The more I learn about our community, the louder I want to shout!

The United Way board of directors must feel the same. At a recent meeting they identified the desire to increase communication about our work. We are no longer just a fundraiser. We are an intricate piece of the community puzzle, working with others to identify needs and to find lasting solutions.

Our work involves human service organizations, teachers, law enforcement, industries, faith groups, bankers, volunteers and many more. Together we participate in community conversations while focusing on the needs and aspirations of our fellow residents. United Way of McPherson County is working strategically with many partners to focus on underlying causes. TOGETHER we find the answers.

The stories of our combined efforts are unfolding. Circles of McPherson County recently celebrated ten program participants who have moved out of poverty. Last year Meals on Wheels delivered 16,000 meals to the elderly. Hospira, Inc. is providing volunteer tutors to help high school students with math and science. And efforts are underway to bring a government funded health clinic to McPherson County.

Improving our community requires the work of many. Interested in helping United Way transform its piece of the puzzle? Contact our office at 620.241.5152 to discuss VOLUNTEER opportunities. We will utilize your talents to help McPherson County. In turn, you will broaden your perspective about community needs. You will learn about the services available to help. And you will gain a greater appreciation for where you live.