McPherson track & field took home both crowns at the 2014 KCAC Track and Field Championships Friday and Saturday.

McPherson track & field took home both crowns at the 2014 KCAC Track and Field Championships Friday and Saturday.
This is the first victory for the women’s squad since 1977 and for the men it was the first in the history of the program. The Lady ‘Dogs won by just six points, having to hold off Friends in the 4x400m relay, while the men had a cushy 25 point margin of victory.  
Head coach Cameron Magnall was named KCAC Female Coach of the Year and was a close second for men’s title.
“Our team performed incredibly tonight,” Magnall said. “If one of our athletes dropped off a little, there was always somebody right there to pick them up. It was a complete team effort on both sides and I couldn’t be more proud of our athletes.”
Many of the Mac athletes competed in multiple events but one athlete did more than the rest as Sharica Pleasant was involved in eight events, scoring 40.5 points and earning her KCAC Female Athlete of the Meet. This is the third time she has been awarded this honor and she’s only been a part of four KCAC championships.  
The McPherson women made All-KCAC First Team honors 14 times for the meet, including five first place finishes. Both the 4x100m and 4x400m relay squads took down MC school records, while  Jazmine Alexander, Arryana Barton, Megan Pohlmann, Pleasant and the 4x100m relay squad each took home gold for the Lady ‘Dogs.
On the men’s side, the throwing unit gave the Bulldogs the edge as they scored 73 of the team’s 178 point total. The squad took first, second and third in the shot put on Saturday, earning 24 points.  
Like the women, the Mac men also had 14 first team all-conference finishes. Akim Muhammad, Aaron Vaughan, Paul Rotering and Josh Dunback each took first on the weekend.
Muhammad was also a part of the championship 4x400m relay team and the record setting 4x100m unit.
McPherson is now set to host the Bulldog Last Chance Meet on Friday at McPherson Stadium. This is the final meet before the Memorial Day weekend NAIA Championships.

KCAC Track and Field Championships
100m Dash — 2. Taylor Smiley, 12.19. 3. Rea Samuels, 12.40. 4. Sharica Pleasant, 12.40. 6. Cathy Lowry, 12.76. 7. Jazmine Alexander, 12.81. 8. Kaley Kinnamon, 13.39.
200m Dash — 2. Kaley Kinnamon, 25.67. 5. Rea Samuels, 26.14. 7. Taylor Smiley, 26.39. 8. Jazmine Alexander, 28.02.
400m Dash — 1. Jazmine Alexander, 58.76. 5. Kaley Kinnamon, 1:01.12.
800m Run — Damaje Markham, 2:39.78. Erika Doty, 2:43.70.
5,000m Run — 6. Savana Cross, 20:17.10. Miranda Clark Ulrich, 21:39.31.
100m Hurdles — 1. Sharica Pleasant, 14.69. 3. Neka Dias, 14.97. 5. Dajana Gliesche, 15.43.
400m Hurdles — 7. Neka Dias, 1:13.26.
4x100m Relay — 1. McPherson (Sharica Pleasant, Taylor Smiley, Kaley Kinnamon; Jazmine Alexander),  47.03 (SR).
4x400m Relay – 2. McPherson (Deja Matlock, Sharica Pleasant, Rea Samuels, Kaley Kinnamon), 4:02.13 (SR).
Triple Jump — 5. Jasmine Helms, 11.19m. 6. Arryana Barton, 11.14m.
Shot Put — 1. Arryana Barton, 13.25m. 3. Brooke Bush, 12.57m. 4. Sharica Pleasant, 11.53m. 5. Jill Johnson, 11.38m. Dominique Clemons, 9.36m. Destiny Reid, 8.43m.
Hammer — 1. Megan Pohlmann, 46.42m. 5. Brooke Bush, 32.01m. 6. Arryana Barton, 31.83m. Destiny Reid, 17.37m.

100m Dash — 4. J’moi Penn, 10.88.
200m Dash — 4. Akim Muhammad, 22.29. 5. J’moi Penn, 22.61. 7. Perry Joseph, 22.88.
400m Dash — 1. Akim Muhammad 48.39. 7. Marlon Clayton, 50.94. 8. Jawaun Stuart, 51.19.
800m Run — 6. Dixon Cooney, 1:57.38. Brandon Sherier, 2:04.36. Michael Janzer, 2:06.35. Cody Brooks, 2:13.23.
1,500m Run — 2. Dixon Cooney, 4:00.73. Michael Janzer, 4:27.61. Corey Long, 4:43.64. Brandon Sherier, 4:51.03.
5,000m Run — Chris Le, 17:06.66. Kwan Leung, 17:10.04. Kurt Katzdorn, 17:39.35. Jordan Bost, 17:42.59.
110m Hurdles — 1. Aaron Vaughan, 15.21. 4. Marvin Jackson, 15.65.
400m Hurdles — 4. Aaron Vaughan, 57.14. 5. Marvin Jackson, 58.31. 6. Demetres Greenwood, 59.29.
4x100m Relay — 3. McPherson (Perry Joseph, Akim Muhammad, Jawaun Stuart, J’moi Penn), 41.78 (SR).
4x400m Relay – 1. (Jawaun Stuart, Akim Muhammad, Perry Joseph, Marlon Clayton), 3:18.91.
Pole Vault — 3. Brooks Walsh, 4.10m.
Triple Jump — 3. Marlon Clayton, 13.65m. Sean Seymore, 12.00m. Landon Stang, 11.04m.
Shot Put — 1. Paul Rotering, 15.91m. 2. Josh Dunback, 14.62m. 3. Xavier Bartee, 13.85m. Bill Tebbetts, 12.18m. AJ Brinkley, 12.12m. Evan Clary 11.77m.
Hammer — 1. Josh Dunback, 46.07m. 4. Evan Clary, 41.64m. Bill Tebbetts, 37.93m. AJ Brinkley, 33.29m.