Position for which you are running: Senate district 35        

Age: 69                        

Education: Graduate of KSU, CPCU and other professional designations

Occupation: Consultant
Experience: I have more than a 40-year proven track record of corporate management and community leadership responsibilities. Having been self-employed the last several years, I have had the opportunity and responsibility of controlling expenses, planning and adjusting to economic conditions. I have been very active in the county and state GOP, serving as a county chairman for 12 years, precinct committeeman, a member of the Conservative caucus and a delegate to the First District. I was elected to be a voting delegate to the Republican National Convention.  

What differentiates you from other candidates?
I have many years of proven management and leadership responsibilities at Farmers Alliance and with local, state and national trade associations. I have been involved in many community organizations for many years. I am one of the founders of McPherson County Crime Stoppers and past chairman of the McPherson Industrial Development Company.
I am a lifelong National Rifle Association member with the highest rating possible. I’ve been an instructor, hunter and competitive sporting clays shooter.  
I have been endorsed by the Kansas Agriculture Alliance and Kansans For Life. I have also been endorsed by a number of community leaders and elected officials.

What would you do to address state shortfalls in revenue?
We do NOT need more taxes; matter of fact we are currently a high tax-per-capita state. By the time the legislature convenes, we will have a more accurate accounting of the status of our revenue position. We can more precisely develop a plan that addresses offages, if any, at that time. Because of the most recent seasonal shortfall, many reactionaries are calling for all kinds of draconian cuts or tax increases. No new taxes. There is always the need to review programs, agencies, rules and regulations that are outdated, inefficient and costly.  

What tax policy do you support?
We traditionally have had a three-legged stool approach to taxation in Kansas: property tax, sales tax and income tax. Unfunded mandates from the federal government and, in some instances, mandates pushed from the state to the local level are creating funding shortfalls on local units of government. A balance of tax policy that encourages job growth and new business, along with funding essential services, is critical. We must continue to evaluate agencies, policies and regulations for inefficiencies that drain taxpayers’ dollars. If we grow the economy by having an attractive business environment, revenues will increase without increasing taxes.

What would you do to support job growth in the state?
As past chairman of our local McPherson Industrial Development Company, I have the experience to promote policy that supports job growth. There are a number of communities in the 35th district that are creating jobs, but we also need to take care of the current industries we have. We can be very proud of McPherson in that our founders and leaders had the vision to do just exactly that.  
At the state level we must continue to review policies, regulation and tax structure in an effort to create and develop an environment that grows existing business and attracts new industries.    

What are your views on the governance and financial support of education in the state?  
Funding public education is a Constitutional requirement. The responsibilities of our education system have been forever evolving. More mandates by the state and federal government continue to stress the system. The education system has been taking on more responsibilities, not just educating, but nutrition, activities and social development issues. We must look to the education community to find ways to improve methods, procedures and technology to help hold the line. Above all we must constantly strive to return control of education to the local level where our folks know best.