Position for which you are running: Senator from the 35th district

Age: 69

Education: Inman High School, BA Business Administration, Certified Industrial Engineer

Occupation: Retired and mayor of Inman

Experience: 20 years of municipal government; Division President Exide Corporation; justified the construction of three manufacturing plants in Kansas
What differentiates you from other candidates? 
I actually have experience in government and have been working with a voter base for 20 years. Six-year veteran of the Army plus 32 years in the Kansas Air National Guard. I have a good feel for the major issues that being taxes, school funding and water problems.
What would you do to address state shortfalls in revenue? 
We are going to have to delay some of the forthcoming tax cuts. If the current cuts are creating a shortfall, than more tax cuts are not going to help.
What tax policy do you support? 
Tax policy changes year to year. From McPherson County there has not been a hue and cry to change any policy other than put back the missing school funds. As a citizen of Kansas I expect to pay a little more just for the privilege of living in the state.
What would you do to support job growth in the state? 
Having built three manufacturing plants in Kansas we might again use the justification route. However, the best business plan is to reach out to all existing multi-state companies and justifiy expansion in Kansas. But remember, there have to be people to hire and places for them to live.
What are your views on the governance and financial support of education in the state? 
Education is our future. Older school boards may forget we have to modernize the curriculum to prepare our children for their job opportunities upon graduation. We need the $395 per pupil returned to schools.