Position for which you are running: Kansas Senate District 35

Age: 36

Education: Life

Occupation: Inman Harvest Café co-manager

Experience: Emergency Services, Culinary Arts, Hospitality, Nursing

What differentiates you from other candidates?
I respect the seriousness of situations but choose to walk circumspectly, noticing and practicing the art and science of love, wit and humor. In crises, resolve must be rooted in fundamental obedience to a certain system, and authority without love is tyranny. Look around.
What would you do to address state shortfalls in revenue?
If the budget says one number and the revenue says a lesser number, there is a shortfall. Perpetual mitigation in the process of spending and cuts/tax cuts will always be present; however, the process needs to contain only truth without manipulation or late-night dividing political theatre. We are talking about citizens’ lives and wellbeing, not to be abused neglected or exploited, but served and protected.
What tax policy do you support?
Single Factor. Double Factor. TriFactor. Goods and Services. Healthy and/or unhealthy capitalism. If I as a citizen am a taxable commodity in the land of mandated insurance, what is not tax policy? We are at a dangerous crossroads and I could say anything about "tax policy" to get your vote.  I support a tax policy that is minimal, easy to understand and not intrusive.
What would you do to support job growth in the state?
Eliminate criminal penalties regarding naturally occurring substances. Continue to advocate for aerospace industry. Develop tax cuts for nursing students.
What are your views on the governance and financial support of education in the state?
I should and shall be able to interface directly with all individual parties/private entities and/or governmental agencies and their employees, sub-contractors, etc., who have any access or direct contact with my children and their academic education.  I’m a local control guy. This is my definition of suitable. Education funding will be determined through some data collection on the local level including special needs programs and emergency management policies for schools.