Position for which you are running: Kansas Senate District 35

Age: 45

Education: A.A. Central College, B.S. McPherson College, M.A. Political Science, Wichita State University

Occupation: Support staff USD 418

Experience: Precinct Committeeman, Vice Chair McPherson Republican Party, volunteered for many political campaigns helping elect conservatives to all levels of government over last 20 years.
What differentiates you from other candidates?
I am a conservative before, during, and after an election. I am the only candidate to sign the taxpayer protection pledge. Further, I do not owe any special interests groups a “vote” for their support.
What would you do to address state shortfalls in revenue?
Kansas has a spending problem, not a lack of revenue problem. I will work hard to slow any increases in unnecessary spending, and promote policies that grow the economy.
What tax policy do you support?
I will fight for and support policies that limit taxes. I support the Fair Tax, which is in the Republican Party platform. Property tax continues to increase; therefore, I believe we must take a comprehensive look at the entirety of our tax structure and try to deal with the waivers and exemptions that are constantly being enacted.
What would you do to support job growth in the state?
I am pro-business. There are three criteria that are needed for existing businesses to expand and new businesses to move to Kansas. Businesses want a good, safe way to move their product; they want a good, solid, well educated work force; and they want a tax structure that is favorable for business growth. Kansas has a highly rated system of highways.
The legislature took a step to allow high school students to start toward earning a technical certificate while in high school. This is good, and should be expanded. 
Third, the legislature took the step to lower income taxes. I think this is a good step toward growing existing businesses and attracting new business. It will take a little time, but I believe it is important for the citizens of Kansas that we do so. 
What are your views on the governance and financial support of education in the state?
Financial support for education must come from the legislature, and not be court-mandated. I support all forms of education: public schools, private schools, as well as home school. It is unwise to assume all students have the same goals or should be taught in only one setting. I believe parents know their own children the best and should have the ability to choose the best educational pathway for their own child. An education that is geared towards an individual student is the answer. One size fits all is not the answer.