Thumbs up

McPherson mill levy increase kept small
No one wants higher taxes, but the City of McPherson did what they could to keep a mill levy increase in the 2015 budget to a minimum.
The city commission approved an increase of .3 in the mill levy from last year and only .12 over the last six years.
With the rising costs of fuel, plus the various road projects in town, plus increases in KPERs and KP&F payments, plus the ever increasing cost of living, the work the commissioners and the department heads did in trying to keep the levy somewhat steady is greatly appreciated.

County to upgrade 911 system
Thumbs up this week to the McPherson County Commission for approving an upgrade in the county’s 911 system.
The new computer-aided dispatch system will allow for the transmission of texts, images, video and data to the 911 system, which will only help emergency personnel help those in need that much better.
The new system should be installed and ready to go by February.
Sheriff’s department receives donation
We send out a thank you to Williams Energy for donating $2,000 to the McPherson County Sheriff’s Department this week.
The donation will go towards new duty vests for the 10 volunteers of the McPherson County Sheriff’s Reserve program, which consists of men and women throughout the county that provide support to the department.
This organization provides a much needed support staff to the department, so kudos to Williams for providing these volunteers with much-needed equipment.

Thumbs down

Negative campaign ads
The primary election is still a little over a week away, but already many are sick of the negative campaign ads that seem to play on an endless loop on TV and radio.
It seems as though the negative campaigning seems to get worse with each election.
Is it too much to hope for some civility in our election process?

Leaving kids in hot cars
Thumbs very much down to the recent rash of reports of children being left in hot cars this summer.
The latest report came out of Wichita, where at 10-month-old girl died after being strapped in a sweltering car for more than two hours.
According to the non-profit child safety group, 18 children have died in hot cars this year in the United States. In Kansas, 10 have died since 2000.
That is 10 too many.

— Chris Swick for The McPherson Sentinel Editorial Board.