My support is behind Donald Hobson for Kansas State Senate District 35.
There is no other candidate running for this seat that has a higher commitment to “We the people” than Hobson. The other candidates are good men and I’m sure they mean well, but when is comes to standing your ground and moving forward to push back the Liberal agenda of Big Government, higher an higher taxes, more control and regulations, strangling small business owners, abortion on demand out of convenience, the attack of traditional marriage and the move for more and more gun restrictions until they make it so hard for law-abiding citizens to even protect their families or go hunting.
Hobson is the right man to fight for “We the people.” He is endorsed by Sen. Steve Abrams and has the endorsement of “Kansans for Life.” Which is consistent with his stand that all life is precious and protected. Hobson has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. He will oppose and vote against any effort to increase taxes. Hobson is a member of the NRA and has received an AQ rating from the NRA. He will fight for your right to keep and bear arms. The Second Amendment is not to be ignored.
Hobson is for “legal immigration.” He believes that illegal immigration is a crime and individuals who commit this crime should not be given in-state tuition or granted any form of amnesty.
He is for voter ID laws. These laws preserve the integrity of our elections. There’s only one man who doesn’t back down on his convictions.
If you believe in these convictions and want to have Kansans in good hands, then vote Donald Hobson on Aug. 5 for Kansas Senate.
— Dave Prescott, McPherson