There seems to be need for clarification about the NRA and candidates for elected office, especially in the #35 State Senate race. As NRA members and activists, we would like to make clear the following:
1. The NRA does not make endorsements.
2. The NRA gives ratings (a type of grade) such as A or AQ or ___.
3. For a candidate who has not yet held elected office, the highest rating would be AQ.
4. Local NRA members can certainly support and back a candidate.
An understanding of the principles of the Constitution of this great nation and the importance of the Second Amendment and our Right to Bear Arms is essential to this nation remaining free and ensuring personal liberty for all citizens. Donald Hobson is a candidate that truly understands the importance and the impact of the Second Amendment to our Constitution. That is why we support Donald in his bid for the State Senate. Additionally, Donald was the only candidate who supported the NRA locally at our annual banquet with his presence. We urge you to vote for Donald Hobson on Aug. 5.
— Wade Dysinger, Jody Dysinger and Brad Spaich