My letter to the editor,
Mr. Wilborn seems to have settled on a clown theme for his campaign. His radio spots and his mailings trumpet the same theme, “We can’t afford to have a clown represent us.” People who hear this message are supposed to think that Mr. Wilborn is the only one of the five candidates who is not a clown.
A McPherson city leader was heard to say of Wilborn that he will be more of a statesman than the other candidates — really? To me it is unstatesmanlike and a mark of desperation to set yourself up as the only “Non-clown” candidate. Such belittling tactics are immature and insensitive and certainly unstatesmanlike.
Yes Mr. Wilborn, we can’t afford to have a clown represent us, but neither can we afford to have a prideful, arrogant politician represent us in Topeka.
—Charles Carlson, Little River