The 35 Senate seat needs to be filled by a Christian man of integrity. A man who is hardworking, dedicated, non-boisterous and humble. I will be voting for Donald Hobson to fill Clark Shultz’s number 35 Kansas Senate shoes in Topeka. Donald, like Clark, is such a man. They both live and breathe Conservatism. Donald understands America’s trust in God, coupled with the hard working grit, ingenuity, sweat and hand calluses of the individual made America great. And he understands that a dysfunctional tax and spend government is a huge hinderance to Kansas families.
I have known Donald for 14 years and have attended church regularly with his family. I know him well and can confirm he is Pro-life, a strong supporter of the second ammendment and a fiscal Conservative. While many politicians including GOP insiders claim to be Conservative, when  the calendar indicates it’s election time, I am voting for a man who is always engaged on issues of importance to me and my 16 grandkids and 16 great-grandkids. Donald is that man. Over the years I have known him, he has been consistently conservative 24/7 for the whole calendar year.
Please join me on Aug. 5 in electing Donald Hobson to Kansas Senate District 35.
— Dianne M. Williams, McPherson