Alvin Zahnter is running for U.S. Senate.

Editor’s note: Alvin Zahnter did not answer the age, education, occupation or experience questions.

1. What is your stance on immigration reform?
We must force Mexico to police their own borders, and if they will not, then we must use the National Guard or Army. It must become a felony to enter into this country illegally and not through the proper channels. Our infrastructure can no longer stand this crisis. Immigration reform is a priority.

2. What would you do in Congress to promote job and economic growth in the country?
The Medical Marijuana industry would create enough jobs to sustain short-term job growth. Adding to that, a long-term solution would be to admit the incentives arent working in bringing in jobs. We must re-evaluate the importance of the farming community and what we have to offer.

3. What would you do to address taxes and spending in Congress?
Our country can not continue down this path with bloated campaigns from special interests, uncomprehensible legislature, government agencies spying on Americans, and a health care plan we can not afford.

 4. What role do you think the U.S. should play in emerging international conflicts?
A Veterans approach to determine what is a real threat to America and what is fabricated by special interests.

5. What role do you think the federal government should have in addressing social issues, such as same-sex marriage, women’s health and legalization of marijuana?
 The federal government needs to understand and support the states’ trend for medicinal marijuana.