Letter to the editor:
There are five people running for the office of senator to represent people of the 35th District of Kansas. So, who is the best person to choose to represent our interests?
Rick Wilborn has spent his lifetime as a businessman in our state, in agribusiness, financial services business, legislative business, political business and volunteer organizations business.
Wilborn is the person best equipped to represent the diverse interests of the 35th District. He has the education, training and experience needed to hit the ground running and benefit not only us, but all of Kansas. He will take a conservative and common sense outlook to Topeka and will work hard and smart to promote our values and goals at the state capitol.
He is a proven leader, a respected community member, a noted professional and anxious to put his skills to work for all of us. He is simple, the best candidate for Senator of the 35th District of Kansas.
— John Holthus, McPherson