I believe a response is necessary to the many letters written by Donald Hobson supporters on July 29.
Rick Wilborn worked as a manager in the insurance industry in McPherson for 30 years. Rick now acts as a consultant to some in the industry. Honest consultants in all business sectors who contact legislators list themselves as lobbyists in order to avoid any issues with ethics regulations. To suggest that Rick’s career does not measure up to qualify him for a state senate seat makes me wonder how Donald’s Hobson’s career as a custodian at [Washington Elementary] could possibly qualify him.
A couple of Donald’s supporters suggest that he is the true second amendment supporter because Rick missed the NRA banquet. Where was Donald at when the Duck’s Unlimited and Pheasants Forever banquets were held? Attendance at a banquet is not the primary indicator of a candidate’s support of the second amendment.
Yes, your candidate has the endorsement of one state senator from another state. Rick has been endorsed by our current state senator Clark Shultz, former congressman Dick Nichols, Sen. Rob Olson, Sen. Scot Schwab, current senate majority leader Terry Bruce, Mayor Tom Brown and many others.
It would seem to me that Donald’s supporters do not hold their candidate to the same standards they hold his opponents to.
I will be supporting Rick Wilborn, the candidate with the qualifications and experience to be our next state senator for the 35th district.
—Truce Peterson, McPherson