Letter to the Editor:
I am writing in support of Rick Wilborn, a conservative republican candidate for State Senate. I have known Rick Wilborn for more than 35 years. My late mother, Inez Potter, worked with Rick as a young executive at Farmers Alliance. She was impressed back then with his leadership and communication skills and fairness to all employees from the custodians to the President. She would be proud to see how he has grown in skills and how he has had a major impact on our community.  
McPherson has been blessed with visionary leaders and even more blessed when they offer unselfishly to serve us in an elected office. Just look at the impact that men like Rick have had on McPherson and surrounding communities.
Rick was a pro-jobs advocate before it was popular. When I needed help finding work, he took time from his busy schedule and helped me out. I will forever be grateful.
Rick and I worked on pro-life issues over the years. We are both lifelong NRA members, and I could not think of anyone who knows the issues and would defend our second amendments rights more than Rick. He was a strong pro-life advocate and second amendment defender before most of these candidates were born. He not only talks the talk but walks the walk.
We could do no better than electing Rick Wilborn as our State Senator.
Please vote for Rick August 5th.
— Larry Potter, McPherson