Kids Kampus Child Care Center in McPherson has always prided itself in the standard of care it provides. Now it has a new facility with amenities that match.

Kids Kampus Child Care Center in McPherson has always prided itself in the standard of care it provides. Now it has a new facility with amenities that match.
“This facility is beautiful and new,” Kids Kampus CCC Administrator Wanda Williams said. “Everything I’ve ever dreamed of having, and now we have it.”
Only part of the 13,000 square foot structure at the Alleman building on South Main Street is completed, but it’s just a preview of the state-of-the-art facility that is to come. The facility is on track to be completed Oct. 6. One infant room is open, and two, 1-2-year-old rooms are open. Once complete, there will be rooms for all ages, including a large room for an after-school program.
The center will hold 200 children; it currently has 160 enrolled. Of the 40 open spots, no room remains for infants. An infant waiting list is full until fall 2015.
“The community needs this. McPherson has a huge need for child care,” Williams said. “This facility offers residents of McPherson more choices.”
The center will sport a state-of-the-art security system, a nursing area for mothers who want to nurse their babies throughout the day, as well as a full-time registered nurse, Megan Thompson.
Each room has been designed to meet the specific needs of each age group. In the infant rooms, changing tables have been equipped with built-in sinks. This distinguishes which sinks can be used for handwashing and cleaning from those used for drinking water. Each classroom will have its own exit leading to playgrounds designated by age group. Classrooms also will come with bathrooms designed for each age group equipped with facilities at lower heights for easier use for the small kids.
In September 2013, Central Christian College purchased Kids Kampus to further the President's Opportunity Grant program. Central students can become aides at Kids Kampus in exchange for free college tuition. In exchange for working 15 hours per week in mentored work programs at a local businesses as unpaid interns, students will graduate from their programs debt free. Kids Kampus is set to include a second location of The Well coffee shop for parents to grab their coffee on the way to work. This is another location that can be used in the President’s Opportunity Grant program.
In addition to all the conveniences of the new facility, the preschool curriculum now includes a phonics program. Kids Kampus Program Director Julie Willems attended a course during the summer at Wichita State University on teaching phonics to pre-kindergarten children. Willems has a degree in child development and has incorporated her knowledge into Kids Kampus curriculum.
“We’ve tried to think of everything,” Williams said. “We have a great facility with awesome staff.”
Kids Kampus’ rates are lower than the rates of many facilities in surrounding communities, Williams said. The rates at the center are on a set increase schedule. The rates will go up by $1 an hour every 18 months. Since the center’s rates just went up, another increase is not set until January 2016.
“We want to give parents the child care their children deserve at an affordable rate,” Williams said. “Our goal for the future is to maintain the level of care we’ve always given for the last 20 years.”
For more information about Kids Kampus Child Care Center, call 620-241-8499 or visit