“It's just a delicious peanut butter cookie that's chock full of M&M's.”

Insider has awarded Main Street Deli in McPherson as the maker of the best cookie in Kansas.

The online news company sifted through Yelp ratings in each state and selected the deli’s peanut butter M&M’s cookie to represent Kansas.

“I’m just flattered. I’m thankful that the community likes what we do, our food, and I’m going to keep on trying to come up with new recipes to keep people interested,” said Kim Zehr, owner of Main Street Deli. “It’s just a delicious peanut butter cookie that’s chock full of M&M’s.”

The peanut butter M&M cookie has been on the deli’s menu for about four years, and that longevity says something about the crowd-favorite cookie.

“I introduce new cookies all the time. We change them up, but that one has been a permanent cookie at this point,” Zehr said. “We tried a plain peanut butter cookie, but people really love the peanut butter with M&M’s.”

What really sets this cookie apart is its M&M to cookie ratio.

“I don’t do anything half way, so if I’m going to put M&M’s in it, I’m going to put M&M’s in it. There’s more than one in each bite. We’re proud of what we do and I want people to come here to feel like they got a good meal or a good cookie. I’m glad it was appreciated and people noticed it.”

In addition to sweets, Main Street Deli is know for tasty sandwiches, soups, pies and gifts.

This month, Main Street Deli is celebrating its 25th anniversary, so Zehr is planning a few specials sure to include the nationally-recognized dessert — and that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

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