The McPherson Humane Society’s Fix-a-Cat Program issued vouchers to fix 218 cats in 2016.

The McPherson Humane Society’s Fix-a-Cat Program issued vouchers to fix 218 cats in 2016.

The humane society’s Mary Steffes briefed the city commission on the facilties work from 2016 at Monday's regular meeting.

Every year since 2009, the city has allowed money in its budget to capture and fix cats in town.

"We have already issued 20 vouchers (for the Fix-A-Cat program) since the first of the year. It continues to be a popular program," Steffes said.

In 2016 the humane society took in 138 cats. Of those, 122 were adopted out, three had to be euthanized and 10 died of complications.

The shelter is a no-kill shelter.

Following Steffes' report, commissioners approved a payment of $12,000 to the Fix-a-Cat program for 2017.

Public Works

Commissioners approved the resignation of Larry "Gene" Walker from the Waste Water Treatment Facility and gave permission to start the hiring process for an Operator in Training to replace him.

"It was a pleasure working for the city, even though it was only for a short time," Walker said.

In addition, commissioners approved the hiring of Jeff Wendt for the position of Operator in Training at the Street Department. Wendt comes from the McPherson Fire Department.

"We are excited about this selection and feel he will be a good fit for the street department," said Director of Public Works Jeff Woodward "As a city employee, he has passed the drug screen and background check."

The public works department will renew their RTK Network Subscription, which runs GPS through Griner and Schmitz for 2017 at the cost of $2,500.

Public works will also renew their iWorQ's Public Works package subscription for $5,480. Both are yearly budgeted expenses.

Justin Walker will attend the International Municipal Signal Association Conference from March 3 through March 10. The cost of this trip will total $1,560.

"We have contracted with the Kansas Department of Transportation for Signal Maintenance at the (Interstate) 135 and (Kansas) Highway 56 interchange. As part of that agreement, we are required to have certified technicians," Woodward said. "This certification is available through the International Municipal Signal Association in Lawrence March 6 through March 10. This training will also be beneficial for maintenance of our own traffic signals.”

Garber Surveying will be setting property pins to enable the public works department to accurately route the sidewalk for the 2017 KLINK project.

After the sidewalk was routed, workers were in need of permanent easements to construct sidewalks in the areas along Kansas Avenue that currently don't have any. Garber Surveying will write descriptions. The cost altogether for their services will be $1,470.

Commissioners approved the purchase of 15 tons of patching material from APAC Kansas for a cost of $1,950.

Board of Public Utilities

Possible early refunding of electrical bonds will be something the board discusses at their regular meeting.

Building Inspections

It's early in the year, but some of the numbers for building inspections are down, although the overall is very promising.

The number of new residential permits are down with zero being logged as compared to the two by this time last year, and residential remodels or additions are down from nine to four.

New commercial permits are up, however, from zero last year to three this year. The total number of permits is down from 51 to 25. A year-to-date cost comparison showed $784,692 in 2016 compared to this years higher total of $21,775,456.

Fire Department

Every year the fire department produces an annual report that chronicles the activity from the previous year.

In 2016 the stop loss amount in McPherson was $1,367,735. That was due to the complete loss of the house fire on Ponderosa Court last year.

They had 947 fire runs in 2016, with 141 dual responses. Dual responses are when there is more than one call at one time, requiring the call-in of firefighters who are not on duty. The numbers show that 13 percent of the calls the fire department responds to are dual responses.

If that number climbs to 20 percent or more, this could be a concern, Chief Jeff Deal said.

The fire department performed a total of 313 inspections of businesses.

Firefighters spent a total of 53.63 hours in public educations.

The department spent 13,414.40 hours training this year.

"We now train every single day," Deal explained. "Training is the most important thing we do."

Commissioners accepted the resignation of Firefighter Jeff Wendt and approved the hiring process for the vacated position.

The fire department has had their annual ladder testing performed by the American Test Center for $1,171.

Public Lands and Facilities

Commissioners approved a request by the Public Lands and Facilities Department to purchase a new fountain and pump for Memorial Park from Wichita Pump, for $2,400.

Public Hearing

Commissioners deemed the property at 806 E. Kansas Ave. as unsafe. The property is the site of the former Family Video store. The building's roof was found to be unstable and held a total of five HVAC units, which weighed 550 pounds each.

It was the intention to sell the property to the Kwik Shop convenience store that is located next door, but those plans have fallen through.

A representative from Family Video stated that they are in the process of receiving bids for demolition of the building so that the city does not move forward in the demolition.

The commission deemed that they have until March 30 to complete the demolition.