For many years, McPherson has been an attractive spot for industry.

For many years, McPherson has been an attractive spot for industry. Perks range from low energy prices to support from McPherson Industrial Development Corporation. Some companies employ over 1,300 people from McPherson County and the surrounding area.

It's no surprise, then, when these companies add to their facilities in order to meet the rising demands of business. Central Plastics Inc. recently completed work on a new storage warehouse at its First Street facility, and Viega LLC announced a 90,000-square-foot expansion at its Industrial Park campus.

Here are some details on each project, as well as how each will benefit McPherson and its residents.


Viega LLC is a plumbing, heating and pipe joining systems company seeking to produce more product in the United States. The McPherson County Commission approved a ten-year property tax abatement for a 90,000-square-foot expansion on Dec. 12, 2016, which will allow the company to do just that.

The expected cost for this expansion is $85 million, and it is expected to bring up to 72 full-time jobs to McPherson once it is complete in early 2018. The expansion will produce copper fittings, a popular item, and meet projected demand increases.

Work is already underway just south of the previous addition, and is expected to be completed early next year. Equipment will follow in April or May of 2018, and MIDC projects a net benefit of nearly $2.6 million to taxing entities during the abatement period.

Central Plastics

Central Plastic's new warehouse will be a big boost to business, according to Central Plastics President Dennis Houghton.

Adjacent to its existing warehouse, the building has already been completed, and finishing touches on shelving and lighting are underway. Once ready, the space will allow the plastics manufacturer to better meet demands for its window and door plastic products.

"There's a lot of need, and growth to be considered," Houghton said. "Companies might want our products in a day or two, so we can store finished product here and have that ready whenever it's needed."

Construction started last summer, and while the benefits to McPherson are tricky to measure, Houghton expects to create at least 20 new jobs as a result.

"Not just in the warehouse, but on our lines," he said. "Now that we have this space, it opens up room for four or five more production lines, each of which needs four or five people to run smoothly."

Houghton said he hopes the benefits from this expansion will extend beyond the company.

"We can support the community, provide benefits, and hopefully have a good place to work," he said.