A week ago, after finishing grocery shopping at our local North Dillon's store, we went to check out at the cashier. We planned to use a credit card we had. It was one we had used many other times previously, without any problem, although we had not tried to use it at this grocery store. We soon learned the credit card machine would not accept our credit card. We tried several times, without success. We were told by the clerk that the machine was telling her that we needed to have a "pin number." This was something we didn't have, and had never needed before. After a few embarrassing moments, as we tried to figure out what to do, the lady behind us stepped forward, and said: "Here, let me get this", and without any further comment, or waiting further, she slid her own credit card through the machine, and we were finished. It all happened so fast, it seemed there was little we could do. The groceries had already been bagged, and other people were waiting to be checked out. So, we mumbled a "thank you" and left. We felt this was a good example of doing a favor by "paying it forward."

Feeling we needed to do something in the way of recognizing this lady for such a kind deed, we wanted to also "pay this favor forward." This past Sunday, we made a donation to a charity through our church. The donation went to the food pantry.  This helps us to remember there are, indeed, still good, kind people right here in our own neighborhood. Many thanks to this very kind lady, who helped us out.

— Darlene Wynn, Newton