"Overall, it just makes a stronger business community, which strengthens the community as a whole."

Things are about to get fun at the McPherson Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber will put on its second annual Chamber Challenge. Teams of six people representing area businesses will compete in a variety of activities in a laid-back competition that brings fun and fellowship to the workplace.

"Last year, it lasted four days, and teams had three activities to do — take selfies with a local business and play a game at The Village Geek, for instance," said Adrian Morales, president of the McPherson Chamber of Commerce. "Some people said that was too short a time frame, so we've expanded it to a week."

The challenge will take place from March 1 to March 8. The Village Geek will host another game this year, and there will also be a scavenger hunt with the McPherson Museum.

"Another activity is the selfie and infomercial," Morales said. "Each team will draw a sponsoring location, go there, see an item they have for promotion, and do an infomercial and team picture."

Infomercials and photos will then be uploaded on Facebook, granting sponsoring businesses a bit of exposure along with the fun.

As teams complete activities, they will earn points based on how well they do. Bonus points can also be earned by having three men and three women on the team, and having a wide age range between team members. A trophy will be awarded to the team with the most points, and Morales said other prizes can be won as well.

The cost to register a team is $250 for chamber members and $300 for non-chamber members. Businesses with multiple teams pay $150 for each team after the first.

For those who want to support the challenge but not compete, a raffle will also be open for everyone. Tickets cost $5 each of $20 for five tickets. At the end of the challenge, two people will split the pot 50/50.

The challenge gets people to visit businesses they might not otherwise go to, which gives them a chance to see what kinds of products or services are available locally. Morales said it's also a lot of fun.

"It sparks competition between businesses and chamber members, and it also builds camaraderie," he said. "Overall, it just makes a stronger business community, which strengthens the community as a whole."

Raffle tickets and team registration can be done at the McPherson Chamber of Commerce office, 306 N. Main St., McPherson. For questions about becoming a business sponsor, call the chamber at 620-241-3303.