The issue: Concrete box replacement

Background: A concrete box structure at 17th Avenue and Shawnee Road was removed after heavy rains eroded the ground around it. McPherson County Public Works studied the structure and decided to replace it with a metal pipe made from a railroad tank car. This type of structure has been used in other places in McPherson County. The cost of materials is $9,150, and New Gottland township will cover $5,000 of that cost.

County action: Commissioners approved the cost and replacement plan.

The issue: Road vacation

Background: The county received a request to vacate 1,693 feet of right-of-way on Smoky Valley Road between 13th and 14th Avenues. An adjacent landowner said part the road is closed to through traffic and blocked with a gate. Drivers often reach the fence and drive on the owner's private property while turning around. The owner said this vacation of right-of-way will allow him to place a gate closer to 14th Avenue, allowing drivers to turn around sooner.

County action: Commissioners approved the vacation after discussing it with the landowner and John Verssue, planning/zoning/environment administrator for the county.