"We are offering $10,000 as part of the Match Day."

Donors to nonprofit organizations and charitable initiatives in Inman have the opportunity to make their contributions go further as the Inman Community Foundation hosts its annual Match Day from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. on April 26.

Donations of $25 or more will be matched by the Inman Community Foundation, which will be accepting money at the Inman Community Building at Lambert Park, located at East Center Street and Park Lane in Inman. Donations can also be given online from 7 a.m. until midnight that day at the Inman Community Foundation's website, http://www.inmancommunityfoundation.com.

"We are offering $10,000 as part of the Match Day," said Becky Goss, president of the McPherson County Community Foundation. "There are eight organizations that are participating."

The organizations that are able to benefit from Match Day are the Inman Public Library, Inman Museum, Inman Community Foundation Grant Fund, Inman Education Fund, Parks and Recreation Fund, Medical Assistance Fund, Inman Senior Center and Inman Arts Council.

"This year, for Inman, there are some businesses that are sponsoring part of the match money," Goss noted.

The Inman Community Foundation, the City of Inman, Prairie Bank of Kansas, Peoples Bank, and Raleigh Insurance are working together to offer up the $10,000 in matching funds for participating organizations.

"There are a couple of anonymous donors, too," Goss said.

This year marks the third annual Match Day for Inman. Over $28,000 in donations have benefitted Inman organizations during the previous Match Day events.

"People can give to the organizations and we will give proportionally to what is brought in," Goss said.

Individuals can contribute at the Inman Community Building during Match Day to multiple organizations using cash, checks or credit cards.

"It's a quick, in and out process," Goss said.

As long as at least $25 is contributed during the specified time frame, the donation will be matched.

“Match Day is a fantastic opportunity to double your dollars and double your impact for your favorite Inman organization,” said Terri Bornholdt, Inman Community Foundation president. “The event allows you to put your money where your passion is and support organizations that have a tremendous on the lives of local residents.”

The money donated during Inman's Match Day can be used by organizations in one of two ways.

"The organizations can choose to either add that money to their endowment funds or to their grant dollars," Goss said.

To be eligible for matching funds, donations must be made during the day of the Match Day event.

Contact the Inman Community Foundation for more information at http://www.inmancommunityfoundation.com or call 866-245-9070.

Donations can also be mailed to Inman Community Foundation, PO Box 655, Inman, KS 67546, though they will not be eligible for matching funds.