Al-Anon to meet Monday

Al-Anon will meet from 8 to 9 p.m. Monday at 216 S. Main St., McPherson. Call 785-826-1743 for more information.

Celebrate Recovery to meet Tuesday

Celebrate Recovery will meet Tuesday evening at Countryside Covenant Church, 940 E. Northview, McPherson. Dinner is served at 5:30 p.m., and a meeting follows at 6:30 p.m. Come for help with all life’s hurts, hangups and habits.

DAR met April 17

With 10 members present, the regular monthly meeting of the Mary Wade Strother Chapter of the Kansas Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, met at 1:30 p.m. on April 17 at the home of Deb Colle in McPherson.

Regent Melissa Stuchlik of Lincolnville led the group in the DAR Opening Ritual, which was followed by the Preamble to the Constitution and one verse of the National Anthem.

Karen Buhler of Assaria, Acting Recording Secretary, read the minutes of the March 20 meeting, which were approved.

Registrar Mary Douglass of Salina continues to work with potential members and is hopeful that, in the near future, the group will have two new members.

National Defense Chair, Sharon Foust of Minneapolis gave her report and stated that April 19 is National Patriots’ Day.

Announcements included the information that Mary Wade Strother Chapter will present a medal to a graduating senior cadet at St. John’s Military School on May 4. The Smoky Hill DAR Chapter, located in Ellsworth, will celebrate its 80th anniversary on May 8 in Ellsworth.

The Brag Box was passed. For the program, Karen Buhler gave information about donating blood and her experiences at the Salina Platelet Center.

The meeting was adjourned.

The next meeting will be on May 15 at the home of Karen Buhler.

Live Wires- Empire Best 4-H met March 26

The Live Wires-Empire Best 4-H club held its March meeting at the Canton Fairgrounds on March 26. The meeting was called to order by President Reed Wiens.  The Flag Salute and 4-H Pledge were then given. Roll call was answered by “Naming one agricultural job other than a farmer.” Seventeen members, two leaders and 10 guests were present at the meeting.

Reading of the previous meeting minutes by Grace Klinkerman was approved as read. Communications were then read.

Next were the officers reports. Sage Toews gave the treasurer’s report. Birthday Chairman Bren Kruse announced that Hunter Koehn had a birthday on March 3. All members then stood up and announced what they have done during the last month for 4-H.

For old business, Reed Weins reminded members to turn in money to leaders or the extension office for the Development Fund Drive.

In new business, The Educational Trip committee collected ideas for the trip. Two ideas were brought up: Tallgrass Prairie Reserve or the salt mine in Hutchinson.

Club scholarships were voted on and passed. Members are to work concession stands for scholarships. Club Members Insurance was voted on and passed.

There was a request to run games at Old Empire Days, and the club decided to do that again.

The deadline for the 2017 Fair Book cover design contest is April 20. The program consisted of Katy Prieb, with a talk on How to ride a horse. Wesley Prieb gave a talk on sheep riding.

The Joker leader, Hunter Koehn asked the group, “What’s a tornado’s favorite game?” answered by “Twister.”

Katy Prieb, Song/Rec leader, led the club in a relay race. Cash Toews read the upcoming events. The club meeting was adjourned by repeating its motto, “To Make the Best Better.”