"I was wanting to offer something related to car repair."

Does the sight of a warning light on your car's dashboard have you reaching for black electrical tape to cover it up? If you have always wondered what to do to perform simple maintenance and repairs on your car or truck to save time and money, you may want to attend Moundridge Car Talk.

Moundridge Car Talk will be led by Paul Strausz, who will speak about the basics of keeping your vehicle in good working order at 6:30 p.m. May 15 at the Moundridge Public Library, 220 S. Christian Ave.

"I think that the library is a place to come and not feel intimidated by your lack of information or knowledge about something," said Moundridge Library Director Jill Stern. "I was wanting to offer something related to car repair."

She has had interest in the topic expressed by all ages of drivers, from seniors in high school to senior citizens, and plans to attend the talk herself.

"I know that car repair and maintenance is something I know nothing about. I don't even know the basics," Stern said. "I feel like I could pop my hood but wouldn't know for sure how to prop it open. If I feel that way, I'm sure there are other people in the community who feel that way, too."

Strausz will be answering questions from the audience on everything from oil changes to how to put air in the tires and replacing wiper blades.

"The discussion will be shaped by what kinds of questions people bring," Stern said.

In addition to the presentation, Moundridge Public Library offers a wide array of resources for those who are looking to learn more about automotive maintenance. The library's website is linked to the Auto Repair Reference Center database, which has tips for vehicle maintenance and repair and lists Technical Service Bulletins and recall information.

"You can plug in your year, make and model and get some information about parts," Stern said.

A variety of programs given by people with expertise in a certain field are scheduled on a monthly basis at the Moundridge Public Library.

"People are looking for ways to get out and do something different," Stern said.

The library will also host a presentation on preserving family heirlooms with Rosemary Fisher on June 19 and a demonstration of flower arranging with Dennis and Rhonda Johnson on July 17. On Aug. 21, the community is invited to share their travelogues and on Sept. 18, there will be a Recipe Sample and Swap.

"We have a wonderful community of folks who have all kinds of skills," Stern said. "We really wanted to tap into what people here had to offer and go from there."

For more information about Moundridge Car Talk or other Moundridge Public Library programs, visit http://moundridgelibrary.com or call 620-345-6355.