The issue: Marquette Recreation District board

Background: The McPherson County Commission approved the formation of a Marquette Recreation District with three board members. Some Marquette residents live in Ellsworth and Saline counties, so recreation district representatives are meeting with those counties' officials as well. Ellsworth County officials are positive about joining the district, but requested that the board's size be increased to five members to accommodate a member from Ellsworth and Saline counties, in addition to the three representatives from McPherson County.

County action: Commissioners agreed to this plan. In addition, it was decided that a McPherson County resident would occupy the Saline County seat until Saline County agrees to join the district, to avoid the possibility of tie decisions in a four-person board.

The issue: Bridge replacement

Background: A bridge located on Smoky Valley road 1.1 miles west of 18th Avenue is in need of replacement. It is estimated the bridge was first built in the 1940s or 1950s, and exposed girders have been damaged by salt. McPherson County Public Works collected bids on the project. The lowest bid came in at $598,797.40, though that price could vary if additional materials are needed to complete the project. Reconstruction would not begin until October, and would be completed by June 1, 2018.

County action: The board approved the bid and timing of the project, which will also be helpful for farmers transporting crops through September.