The Ulster Project teens from Northern Ireland arrived June 29, at the Dwight D. Eisenhower Airport in Wichita.

This is the McPherson County Ulster Project’s 11th year of hosting eight Northern Irish teens accompanied by two adult counselors.

The teens live with host families here for the month of July.

The hosts for the female teens from McPherson are:

Megan Grieb, daughter of Matt and Julie Grieb.

Raegan Harger, daughter of David and Linda Harger.

Hannah Kirchner, daughter of Shane and Anne Kirchner.

Grace van Asselt, daughter of Allan and Deb van Asselt’

The hosts for the male teens from McPherson are:

Kade Goss, son of Todd and Becky Goss.

Ben Houston, son of Jeff and Kristen Houston

Ira Whitacre, son of Chris and Kathryn Whitacre’

There is one host boy from Lindsborg, Adin Replogle, son of Shawn and Alison Replogle

The two American counselors are Sarah Neher and Corey Long.

During the month of July, the teens learn about our community, and speak at many of our civic organizations and tell about their experiences. They work on service projects such as visiting senior homes, working on the Bike Trail, entertaining Multi Community Diversified Services and Disability Support Service clients and others.

This year they will build Little Libraries and paint them to be placed in Lindsborg.

The McPherson County Ulster Project is to promote peace and understanding between Northern Irish, Roman Catholic and Protestant youths. The Project is not about hiding or denying conflict, but rather about how one chooses to deal with it. One of the Project’s main focuses is on the teens becoming leaders within their spheres of influence in building relationships with people who are different than themselves in areas such as race and religion.