Number of swimmers finally evens out.

The McPherson Aqua Pups swim team scored its first two victories of the season in a 401-341 win over Derby and a 319-312 win over Wellington.

In the Derby meet it was the first time Mac had close to equal numbers with their competitors, as Derby had 63 swimmers to McPherson's 62.

Below are complete results of the Derby meet as provided by Pups' coach Kyle Banman. Results of the Wellington meet are forthcoming:

New Qualifiers and Swims:

Eli Farley (10) added the 50 Fly District time to his collection at 55.98.  He also took 1st in the event as well as on his other two races - 100 Free and 50 Back;

Justus Hampton (16) picked up the 200 IM District qualifier (*as a member of the Aqua Pups) at 2:37.82.  He also took 1st in that event, as well as in the 100 Fly and 100 Free;

Claire Schmidt (10) earned Districts on her 50 Fly at 55.03.  It was her first time ever competing in the event, and she would pick up a "Grit Swim Award" nomination for having to swim it again on the 9-10 girls 200 Medley Relay.  I point this out, because I did not set the relay up that way, she was supposed to swim breaststroke, and due to a random mix-up when they lined the relay team up, she was put on the butterfly end of the pool...and so swim it again she did, and gritted it out like a true Aqua Pup;

Kierstan Trost (13) picked up both 50 and 100 Free District qualifiers at 33.4 (1.22 cut) and 1:15.21 (2.78 cut) respectively;

Hope Williams (15) earned the District time on her 50 Free with a .48 drop to 34.9.

Top Finishes, Huge Time Drops, etc:

Nathaniel Britting (13) cut 29.45 on his 100 Free;

Alex Brubaker (10) took 1st in his age group on 50 Breast, his first time competing in the event;

Danica Brunk (11) dropped .39 on 50 Free to 33.23, just over a half second away from a Champ qualifier, and took 2nd in the event.  She also competed in the 200 IM for the first time, taking 3rd.

Ethan Burger (13) cut 5.64 on his 100 Free, and also competed in the 200 Free for the first time in long course;

Matthew Burger (8) dropped 1.5 on his 50 Free;

Maya Charlesworth (12) cut 2.24 on 100 Free;

Hailey Cutting (14) took 1st in all 3 of her events - 50 Free, 100 Free, and 200 IM;

Megan Cutting (17) also took 1st in all 3 of her events - 100 Fly, 100 Breast, and 400 Free

Isaac Duran (17) took 2nd on both 50 Free and 100 Breast;

Hayden Farley (11) went 3 for 3 on best times with a 4.55 cut on 200 IM (finishing 2nd) and 7.67 on the 50 Back;

Rachel Fischer (8) won the 50 Breast;

Arriana Gross (12) swam 50 Fly for the first time and took 4th;

Clayton Hafenstine (13) dropped 6.69 on his 100 Free;

Taylor Hafenstine (8) going from yards to meters, took off approximately 14 seconds on her 50 Back in just her second ever meet;

Liberty Hampton (10) dropped 3.31 on her 50 Fly and won the event, she also took 1st on the 50 Breast, and 2nd on the 100 Free;

Alyssa Harger (10) went 3 for 3 on best times, including 7.22 on 50 Back and 5.28 on 50 Free;

Nethmi Hewawitharana (10) competed in the 100 Free for the first time;

Alex Houston (14) cut 2.86 on 100 Back and took 1st in the event;

Samuel Houston (11) cut 5.69 on 50 Breast and took 3rd in the event;

Gracy Hubbard (10) went 3 for 3 on best/new times.  She swam the 50 Fly for the first time, finishing 4th, and cut 9.92 on her 50 Breast with a 4th place finish on that as well;

Myles Hubbard (12) cut 9.14 on 100 Free, and 1.81 on 50 Back claiming 2nd in the even;

Mallory Koelling (11) cut 1.82 on her 50 Free;

Claire Miller (10) cut 2.78 on 50 Back;

Joey Miller (11) went sub minute for the first time on both 50 Back and 50 Breast with 5.73 and 4.04 cuts respectively.  He also took 1st on the 50 Breast;

Ashley Moore (14) took 1st on the 200 Free in her first attempt at the event in long course;

Mason OBrien (13) cut 6.23 on 100 Free;

McKenna Obrien (11) dropped 15.73 on 100 Free;

Connor Olson (13) cut 5.46 on 100 Free;

Marissa Pearcy (13) took 1st on both 100 Back and the 400 Free (her first time swimming the event);

Nolan Pearcy (8) won the 50 Back;

Bree Pickerell (10) cut 23.48 on 50 Fly, finishing 3rd;

Aurelia Potter (9) went 3 for 3 on best times, with a whopper of a trio of cuts of 17.22 on 100 Free, 10.33 on 50 Back, and 7.89 on 50 Free;

Matthew Powers (14) took 1st in all 3 of his events - 200 Free, 100 Fly, and 100 Breast.  He improved his Championship time on the 100 Breast 1.60 seconds to 1:25.75;

William Powers (15) also took 1st in all 3 of his races - 50 Free, 100 Back, and 400 Free (a 5.29 cut);

Collin Reiman (13) won the 200 IM with a 6.17 drop.  He also took 3rd on the 50 Free (a 5.02 time cut);

Rece Reiman (16) cut 9.78 on his 100 Breast and 2.63 on 100 Free.  He finished 2nd on both 100 Back and 100 Free;

Riya Shah (13) cut 7.68 on 100 Free, and also took 2nd on the 100 Breast in her first time swimming the event;

Lexi Smith (11) cut 1.96 on her 50 Back to 40.75, and took 2nd;

Olivia Smolik (9) competed in the 100 Free (long course) for the first time;

Gage Stafford (16) in the first of a few "it's been awhile**" long course swims, dropped 57.16 on his 100 Fly, finishing 3rd in the event;

Silas Steinert (16) cut 58.55 on 400 Free to finish 2nd;

Simon Steinert (16) cut 56.97 on the 400 Free to take 4th;

Carson Stone (18) took 1st on 200 Free and 100 Breast;

Katie Stucky (15) took 2nd on both 200 and 100 Free;

Tyler Vincent (13) went 3 for 3 on best times, tops of which was a 4.96 drop on 100 Breast;

Nathan Wells (8) took 2nd on the 50 Back;

Adyson Wiens (9) went 3 for 3 on best/new times, with a 7.0 cut on 50 Free, 9.70 drop on 100 Free, and her first ever 50 Breast race;

Clarea Williams (9) cut 4.48 on 100 Free and finished 3rd in the event;

Clay Wilson (9) dropped 2.25 on 50 Back and finished 2nd;

Hazel Wuertz (9) took 3rd on 50 Back and competed 50 Breast for the first time;

Wesley Wurm (12*) took 1st in all 3 of his events, dropping 16.43 on 50 Fly, and 2.76 on 100 Free. 


9-10 Girls - Bree Pickerell, Clarea Williams, Claire Schmidt, and Liberty Hampton - won the 200 Free;

*9-10 Boys - Alex Brubaker, Matthew Burger, Clay Wilson, and Eli Farley - took 1st on both Free and Medley;

11-12 Boys - Myles Hubbard, Joey Miller, Hayden Farley, and Wesley Wurm - won Free and Medley;

13-14 Girls - Marissa Pearcy, Hailey Cutting, Audrey Bailey, and Kierstan Trost - won Free and Medley;

13-14 Boys - Matthew Powers, Rhys Vanderhoof, Alex Houston, and Collin Reiman - took 1st on Free and Medley;

15-18 Girls - Hope Williams, Zoe Vontz, Megan Cutting, and Katie Stucky - won Medley;

15-18 Boys - Silas Steinert, Carson Stone (Medley)/Rece Reiman (Free), William Powers, and Justus Hampton - took 1st on Free and Medley.