The McPherson City Commission met for its regular meeting on Monday morning and here is what you should know.

1. The commission approved a request to allocate $50,000 to the McPherson Museum and Arts Foundation immediately.

This allocation is in exchange of a private pledge that they anticipate receiving in November. The McPherson Museum and Arts Foundation would allocate those funds back to the city once they receive the funds from the donor.

A formal agreement will be drawn up by the city attorney and will be subject to execution by both the city of McPherson and the McPherson Museum and Arts Foundation before the exchange occurs.

2. Commissioners approved the purchase of three new computers from Reach Solutions, Inc. for the police department. the estimated cost of the computers is $2,727.

3. The commission approved a request to replace the curb, gutter and approaches at 100 South McKinley Street. The existing is in terrible condition. The cost of the project is estimated at $2,411.84 for materials only.

4. Currently 8,614 feet of new sewer line and 30 manholes have been installed in the Centennial Drive Sewer Project. The project is approximately 81 percent complete.

No work was accomplished on the Centennial sewer this past week, as they are working on the alley street sewer.

One and one half manholes and 223 feet of sewer has been completed on the alley street sewer.

Loomis Street will be closed from North High Drive to the alley for another 14 days.

All of the footing and 84 feet of the 246-foot retaining wall footing near the railroad bridge has been completed on the Avenue A project.

Forming continues on the next section. The next section of retaining wall is scheduled to be placed on Thursday.

All sidewalk has been placed up to near the golf course entrance.

Electrical conduit work continued last week and should be complete this week.

Maxwell Street and Turkey Creek is still temporarily patched. The patching had to be postponed to the latter part of this week. Maxwell and Turkey Creek will have to be closed down for one day while this work is completed.

Gordon Street work is nearly completed. This project goes from Baer to Carrie Street.

The College's portion runs from Baer to Eshelman. The city's portion is from Eshelman to Carrie Street.

All pavement is complete. The roadway will be sealed, cleaned and opened early this week.

5. Commissioners approved a motion to authorize selection of South Central Kansas Economic Development District as the grant administrator for the upcoming proposed Community Development Block Grant Housing Rehabilitation Program application. The city solicited applications for grant administrators. They received three responses and only one proposal wishing serve as grant administrator from SCKEDD.

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