Al-Anon to meet

Al-Anon will meet from 8 to 9 p.m. Monday at 216 S. Main St. in McPherson. Call 785-826-1743 for more information.

Live Wires-Empire Best 4H met July 9

The Live Wires-Empire Best 4H club held its July meeting at the McPherson County Fairgrounds in Canton, on July 9.  The meeting was called to order by President Reed Wiens. 

The Flag Salute and 4H Pledge were then given.  Roll Call was answered by “What is your favorite Summer Activity?”  Seventeen members, five leaders and six guests were present at the meeting.

Reed Wiens discussed the happenings of the council meeting last month. Birthday Chairman Katy Prieb announced the five birthdays for July and they were celebrated in song. 

The Silent Auction items were talked about and a thank-you was given to the Smith’s for their tooling of the leather organizer.  The Summer Fun basket will also be put together. 

The club’s banner is almost finished for the 4-H Fair. The Kruse family served as chairman of the committee. 

This year, all families will sign up to work at the fair’s concession stand.  Next month’s meeting will be a pool party hosted by the Marston’s.  Each member is asked to bring a side dish. More information will be on Facebook. Katy Prieb, song and recreation leader, led the club in a game called “Indian.”

Announcements were then read. Meeting was adjourned by repeating the club’s motto, “To Make the Best Better.” The host family was the Toews.