"I was proud of our kiddos as they stepped right up and didn't miss a beat."

WICHITA — The McPherson Aqua Pups swim team competed in the district championships over the weekend at the Garvey Aquatic Center in Wichita and came away with five swimmers qualifying for the Missouri Valley Long Course Championships in Columbia, Missouri. Will Powers, Matthew Powers, Rhys Vanderhoof, Liberty Hampton and Silas Steinert all qualified for this weekend's MVLCC meet in individual categories, along with Isaac Duran, Simon Steinert, Silas Steinert and William Powers in the 15-over boys 200-meter free relay.

"Despite the heat and how busy of a meet this was we really had an awesome weekend of swimming," said McPherson coach Kyle Banman. "This one was unique as far as district meets go because Wichita Swim Club was the only team to host a district this season. So with that the competition was substantially tougher as it featured all of the nearly 40 teams that make up the Missouri Valley swimming and nearly 640 total swimmers. I was proud of our kiddos as they stepped right up and didn't miss a beat."

Here are the highlights from the District meet for the Aqua Pups:

Rhys Vanderhoof earned his first Championship qualifying time.  He picked up the cut on 50 Free at a time of 29.07, and took 4th overall.  He also dropped time in his other 4 events - 100 Breast, 100 Fly, 100 Back, and 100 Free.

Liberty Hampton picked up a pair of new Champ times on 50 Breast at 50.12 (oh, and she also took 1st overall in the event!!), and then on the 100 Back at 1:39.84 (finishing 8th).

Danica Brunk took 5th on the 100 Free with a 2.79 cut on 100 Free to 1:12.36.  She also took 9th on 50 Free, and cut 0.76 on 50 Back.  Then in an "it's been awhile Long Course swim" cut 21.73 on 100 Back.

Ethan Burger made his District debut, and dropped 1.03 on his qualified 100 Breast.

Maya Charlesworth cut 1.87 on her 50 Breast to 47.41.

Eli Farley also made his District debut, and had a top finish of 8th on the 50 Free, where he went sub-40 for the first time at 39.64.  

Hayden Farley went 4 for 5 on best times, with a 6.8 cut on 100 Free to 1:21.81.  He had a top finish of 9th on the 50 Breast at 46.90.  He had an "it's been awhile swim" on 100 Breast with a 36.91 cut, which earned him the District time in the event.

Justus Hampton was in the top 10 on all 5 of his swims, with a top finish of 6th on the 100 Breast at 1:21.19.  He also cut 1.95 on 400 Free, 3.21 on 200 IM, and 0.21 on the 200 Free.

Marissa Pearcy cut .9 on 50 Free to 35.05.  She had an "it's been awhile swim" on 100 Breast as well, with a 16.85 drop.

Bree Pickerell competed in her first Long Course District meet, taking on the 50 Free and 100 Back

Claire Schmidt cut 2.83 on her 50 Back.  She also swam the 100 Breast and 100 Back for the first time in Long Course, and earned the District cuts on both in the category.  

Gage Stafford made his District debut, dropping 3.47 on 100 Back.

Silas Steinert cut time on all 4 of his events, picking up the District time on 200 Back with 10.52 cut and a 4th place finish. He also took 4th on 100 Back with a 3.04 cut to 1:10.28.

Simon Steinert swam his first ever District meet, with a 0.41 cut on 100 Free to 1:08.59.  

Katie Stucky also swam in her first ever District meet, cutting time in all 5 of her races - dropping 6.95 on 100 Breast, 1.98 on 200 Free, 3.65 on 100 Back, 2.26 on 100 Free, and 0.58 on 50 Free. 

Kierstan Trost cut 4.9 on her 200 Free and 4.38 on 100 Back to 1:28.56 and the District time. 

Roary Whorton had a 4.84 cut on 50 Breast, 6.05 on 50 Fly, and in an "it's been awhile Long Course" race, 38.80 on 100 Back.

Zoey Whorton cut 1.66 on 100 Breast.

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