Shelley Bradley, nurse practitioner from the Hutchinson Clinic in McPherson, sees a pattern of symptoms and ailments come up this time of year. The back to school season can bring about issues with stress, anxiety, sleep disturbances, questions about vaccinations, food allergies, and potential sports injuries. She also sees an increase in viral and bacterial infections, as students gather back together after a long summer of being apart.

All of these issue and more will be addressed in a program titled “Back to School Health for the Whole Family” which will be presented by Bradley at 6:30 p.m., Aug. 7 at the McPherson Public Library. Parents of students of all ages are encouraged to come and learn how to make the transition from summer to the school year a smooth one, plus ask any questions they may have.

“Even though the start of school is still days away, as soon as we see the school supplies pop up in the retail stores, the anxiety starts,” states Shannon Brake, marketing and communications manager for the library, “The better equipped we are as parents to help our kids with those first few weeks, the better the experience will be for everyone.”

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