Keeping a business relevant and its technology current in these fast-paced times can be a challenge, but it is one Phil Parrish, owner of Atelier Design and Print, is taking head on.

Parrish and his wife, Traci, opened Atelier Design and Print, located at 120 N. Main St. in McPherson, eight years ago.

"I think we're on our third printer since then," Parrish said.

He hired more employees — several of whom are McPherson College graduates — to work for the business as it expanded.

"We've had a lot of luck with employees," Parrish noted. "A year into it, we had one employee. Now, we have three full-time plus me and my wife. It's grown quite a bit."

Parrish is not afraid to try new things and leverage the assets of his business into new areas, much like he did when adding Craft Coffee Parlor to the front half of his building.

"We just had extra space in here and we liked coffee," Parrish said with a shrug.

Atelier Design and Print provides printing, framing, illustration and commercial photography services.

"We provide framing, canvas wraps, foam core or gator foam mounted photos and photos printed on aluminum, plastic and acrylic," Parrish said.

Those smaller printing and framing jobs may soon be phased out of Atelier Design and Print's offerings as the business looks to the future.

"It's kind of not really our focus now," Parrish said. "I think we're going to focus on the design more."

Atelier Design and Print is shifting its focus away from its original setup to engage with companies in need of marketing services.

"It has changed quite a bit from what it was," Parrish said. "It used to be just printing and copying. Now, our focus is mainly graphic design and we also do marketing and advertising for companies."

Taking on the design and production of business cards, brochures, marketing pieces and logos is becoming more of a priority for Atelier Design and Print.

"I'm not sure where it will go. Our plan is to make it more of an agency and less of a print shop," Parrish said.

Working on an advertising campaign from start to finish — coming up with the concept, doing the photography, designing the piece, printing it and mailing it — is what the Atelier Design and Print team do best.

"We really enjoy doing stuff like that where photography and everything is included," Parrish said. "Some of the challenge is finding the big businesses that need our services."

While the bulk of Atelier Design and Print's customers are located in McPherson County, word of the business has brought in clients from across the United States.

"Recently, we did some work for the Wonderful Company," Parrish noted.

The Wonderful Company is a California-based corporation which produces products such as Wonderful Pistachios, Pom Wonderful and Fiji Water. Atelier Design and Print created posters for its sales and safety divisions.

"We concepted the posters, what those would look like and the messages they would have and the artwork," Parrish said. "That was some of the more fun work we got to do."

Atelier Design and Print utilizes software which allows them to interface with customers remotely.

"We collaborate online really well because of the internet and some of the software that's out there," Parrish said. "I'd say technology is huge when it comes to leveraging that. It's been a huge tool."

In the future, he hopes to increase the amount of website design Atelier Design and Print does while still staying in McPherson to be close to family.

"Working remotely has enabled us to do what we want in McPherson, which is affordable," Parrish said.

For more information about Atelier Design and Print, visit or call 620-241-5400.

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