GALVA — The city of Galva is looking into two online advancements that might regular tasks in town easier.

The city council has begun conversations about developing a city website, which will improve dissemination of information, and the possibility of accepting credit cards for bill pay.

“There’s definitely a push toward putting more information online,” said Bo Moddelmog, who is involved in developing the website. “At the city office in McPherson, we’ve moved a lot toward social media because the younger population is there. In the future, that’s definitely where things are going.”

Though only residents are affected by the city’s billing methods, the development of a website could affect all visitors and potential businesses coming to Galva.

“For visitors, they could get information about the town, the parks or events,” Moddelmog explained.

Galva’s current website has expired, so there is currently no site used by the city offices to communicate with residents and visitors.

“There is a Galva Facebook page, but it doesn’t have anything to do with the city — it’s run privately,” Ford said. “We’re looking toward putting together an official web page so people can see our official page that posts what’s going on in the city through the city office.”

Having a functioning and up-to-date website would benefit city leaders simply by having information available to residents at their fingertips.

“One of the big benefits is being more transparent with the citizens,” Moddelmog said. “Having minutes, meeting agendas and news information posted would be beneficial. If a sewer was going to be redone, they could get that information out there and citizens could prepare for it.”

Community members are giving input on their bill-paying preferences, though the conversations have only just started.

“At the present time, our opportunities to pay bills is by cash or check,” explained Galva Mayor Wayne Ford. “There are people in the community who think we should have a credit card machine. That’s something for a five-year plan.”

The main concern in the community is that a complete overhaul of the city’s billing system will cost too much, so the city council will continue their

conversations with community and make the best decision for everyone.

Currently, residents of Galva can pay utility bills through a direct transaction, so they don’t need to write a check and take it to the drop box.

“At our local bank, people who have accounts over there can have utilities paid directly through the bank,” Ford said. “However, that’s only a small number of people.”

As both of these conversations are in their beginning stages, more information about potential changes will be available in the next several months.

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