Kansas gubernatorial candidate and Wichita high school student Jack Bergeson appeared Wednesday night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to tout his bid for the state’s high office.

With Kansas’ state flag on display behind him in his bedroom, Bergeson told Kimmel via video that he was running to engage younger voters, even though he can’t vote himself.

“Ever since Gov. Brownback and Trump, I’ve started to notice politics is kind of degenerating in our country,” he told Kimmel. “We need to get the younger generation involved in order to fix that.”

Bergeson, 16, told The Topeka Capital-Journal the experience was exciting and a little stressful but rewarding overall.

“It was one of those things where you keep having to remind yourself ‘this is really happening,’ ” he said. “I think it was worthwhile not just for the race but for my ultimate goal of getting young people involved.”

Among Bergeson’s progressive platform is the legalization of medical marijuana, which Kimmel poked fun at, saying, “Who would have guessed they’d be for marijuana legalization?”

Bergeson said late-night talk shows may not be taken seriously, but he considers his campaign earnest.

“These are things I think young people care about,” he said.

Kimmel closed the interview by asking Bergeson if he had any secrets, such as contact with the Russian government.

“A few years ago I would have said this is impossible, but now it probably isn’t,” Kimmel said. “It might even be probable that you could be the next governor of Kansas.”