Last week, the McPherson Police Department shared information about the school year starting in McPherson, and how to be aware of school zones.

Officers would also like the community to be aware of how you can know you are in a school zone if you enter a school zone from a side street, alley, or driveway within a school zone.

When you enter a school zone on a major thoroughfare, you will notice a single blinking signal light on the back side of the school zone sign/poles that are equipped with signal lights.

The single signal lights will be visible on the left side of the roadway.

If the single signal light on the back is flashing, the school zone is in effect. Unless otherwise posted, this light also indicates where the school zone ends, and you may resume normal speed once you pass the flashing light, and have exited the school zone.

Please be aware of where the school zones are in your area, since school zones will likely have the highest concentration of children. Their safety depends on all of us.