The McPherson City Commission met Monday for a regular meeting and here’s what you need to know: 1. Amy Lopez with the McPherson Housing Coalition presented information on the 2017 Emergency Shelter Grant. The city approved the matching funds for the grant not to exceed $100,649 for this year. The McPherson Housing Coalition works to prevent homelessness in the community by offering a number of services like utility and rent payment assistance. 2. Commissioners approved a cereal malt beverage license for Pizza Hut, located at 2215 E. Kansas Ave. in McPherson for consumption on the premises. 3. Commissioners approved two items for the McPherson Water Park. Leak Investigators were selected to winterize the water park at a cost not to exceed $4,100. The fee includes training of proper closing and winterization procedures for staff. Also, commissioners accepted the Torrey Brothers bid to resurface and paint 20,000 square feet of the McPherson Water Park main pool tank at a cost not to exceed $89,000. The project will have a 5 year warranty. 4. The McPherson Governing Body and Community Building Oversight committee will have an owner/contractor meeting with Hutton/GLMV at 3:30 p.m. on Aug. 29 to get an update on design progress. This is considered a public meeting because the entire commission will be in attendance. The meeting will be held in the East Board Room of the McPherson Municipal Building located at 400 E. Kansas Ave. in McPherson. 5. The city of McPherson was approached by the Coalition Against Bigger Trucks about supporting efforts to ensure Congress does not increase the allowed size and weight limits on trucks using U.S. roadways. The city of McPherson shares some of the concerns related to bigger trucks on our roadways. Commissioners submitted a letter of support and signature of a joint letter to Congress opposing new legislation which increases the allowed size of trucks.