Women in a fast-paced society wear many hats, and Paulette Schafer, creator of the Women’s Wellness Fair and Expo, feels women often look beyond their own needs.

“I have seen hundreds of women over the years not take care of themselves either emotionally physically. It’s very sad to me how we as women have gotten away from what matters and we need to take care of us,” Schafer said.

Schafer has been a motivational speaker and massage therapist for 14 years and felt empowered to give back to the women of McPherson.

A friend asked Schafer to give a small presentation and that positive experience convinced her to share the same encouragement in a larger way.

The result is the Women’s Wellness Fair and Expo from noon to 5 p.m. Sept. 9 at Perkins Restaurant, 2111 E. Kansas Ave. in McPherson.

Tickets are $20, lunch is $7.50 extra, and they are available at the door or by calling 620-241-6347.

Schafer’s purpose for charging $20 is to give back some of the proceeds to Mt. Hope Sanctuary.

“I think it’s important if you’re having a women’s fair, you should give back to the women in your community,” she said.

Seminars will include topics like women’s health, and the event will also includes light-hearted elementes like shopping vendors, raffle drawings, a blood pressure booth, goodie bags and more.

“It’s wonderful how this has all worked out. It was easy because women need this,” she said.

She wanted to add several female vendors because she felt that those women would relate to the women attending the event the best.

“All my vendors, they all have full time jobs, or they work at home and or their house moms or wives and they sell things on the side to pay their bills which is neat. I didn’t go for the big businesses, I didn’t go down town, I went for ladies who would represent the everyday woman,” Schafer said. “I had one lady say who is with a vendor, ‘I want to thank you for putting this on because this is how I pay my daughters medical bills.’ I thought, OK. This is all worth it if I can help one mom better her life, then this is going to be good.”

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