HILLSBORO — Tabor College students, faculty and staff opened the year with the 2017 Academic Convocation at the Hillsboro Mennonite Brethren Church on August 29.

Faculty entered the sanctuary and student body president, Annaliese Wiens, from Half Moon Bay, California, opened the special service with prayer. Chair of the Music Department, Brad Vogel, directed the congregation in the hymn “We Are Called to Be God’s People.”

Tabor College President, Jules Glanzer, welcomed the group. Speaking about the importance of symbolize in our society, Glanzer recognized the regalia the faculty wore as a symbol of their commitment to learning and education.

“They also happen to love you, care deeply about you and desire to form Christ’s character in you,” Glanzer said.

To set the tone for the convocation address, Multicultural Student Union president Naima Mexsen Murra from Gomez Placio, Mexico read Hebrews 11:1 and 12:1-3. Vice President of Business and Finance, Norman Hope, gave the address titled “Walking by Faith.”

Glanzer notes that this event shows Tabor’s commitment to quality education.

The convocation closed with the Tabor College Hymn, “Redeemed of God, Come Let Us Sing.” Campus Ministries Council president Josh Funk of Hillsboro closed the convocation with prayer.