Ten-year-old Logan Jackson often watches the news at his grandparents' house, but reports on children impacted by Hurricane Harvey struck a chord with the young McPherson resident.

"He saw the shelters and all the kids and said, 'That's sad,' and I said, 'Yeah it is. How do you feel when you're sad? What makes you feel better? He said a hug," said Debbie Beakey, Logan's grandmother.

As the two talked, they made a plan to deliver hugs, though in a more feasible form.

"Some kids in Houston can't get hugs, and I can't go over there to give them hugs, so we are donating teddy bears," Logan explained.

The result is Hugs for Houston — Logan is collecting donated teddy bears and sending the "hugs" to children affected by the recent hurricanes.

Logan and his grandmother Debbie believe they have given out around 100 teddy bears so far to those in Houston.

"We're just hoping this is one of many service projects he does," Beakey said.

Beakey explained that the stuffed animals will be going to Houston shelters and surrounding areas and can be any type of stuffed animal thats new or gently used.

"I'm hoping to get more to help more children," Logan said.

Donation boxes are located at Washington Elementary School, 128 N. Park Ave., the McPherson County Courthouse, 117 N. Maple St., McPherson Eye Care located at, 1323 E. First St., and J M Salon, 1448 Grimes St., all in McPherson.

Logan's efforts have grown so much, that even Walmart ran out of teddy bears.

Friends at school have been supportive of his fundraiser and have been bringing in stuffed animals to school. He has even received several anonymous drop offs on his desk.

Transportation of the stuffed animals to Houston is still in the works. Beakey is hopeful there will be an organization to help them out or a trucker would be willing to drive there, but the family is also willing to mail donations to a relative in Houston if necessary.

"That's part of a service project too, you got to do what you got to do," Beakey said.

Logan is also attaching contact information to each stuffed animal in hopes of connecting with those receiving the animals.

"I want to thank everyone that helped me donate," Logan said.

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