Week three presents more Big 12 challenges.

It was a good week for the Big 12 in week two. Headlined by Oklahoma’s dominant performance at Ohio State, the conference is in slightly better position than it was a week ago. TCU also looked pretty good in a 21-point road win at Arkansas, while Kansas and Baylor look like they might be battling it out for the Big 12 basement. Gallagher went 7-2 last week, trying his luck with Kansas and Baylor to no avail. Matt went 6-3, wrongly choosing Ohio State over Oklahoma, Iowa State over Iowa, and Arkansas over TCU. There are some decent matchups in the Big 12 this week, headlined by an epic national championship rematch between Texas and USC. Only one more week before conference play begins, and everyone in the Big 12 want to finish the nonconference schedule on the right foot.

Gallagher- 14-5

Matt- 13-6

Kansas at Ohio

Gallagher- I was pretty disappointed in KU last week after I picked them to beat Central Michigan. Fool me once Jayhawks, shame on you, fool me twice. . . 30-24 Kansas

Matt- Ohio is better than people think; Kansas is not. Bobcats turn up the seat under Dave Beaty. 24-20 Ohio

No. 9 Oklahoma State at Pittsburgh

Gallagher- Brutal nonconference schedule for PItt with Penn State last week and Oklahoma State this week. It won’t be any better for the Panthers this week. 45-27 OSU

Matt- Oklahoma State will get challenged on the road but should prevail. 31-27 OSU

Delaware State at West Virginia

Gallagher- Joe Flacco went to Delaware, not Delaware State. By that logic, and that logic alone, I am taking West Virginia. 49-3 WVU

Matt- The only thing worse than WVU playing Delaware State is my Seminoles playing them late in the season. Mountaineers roll 73-0.

Iowa State at Akron

Gallagher- Iowa State could still be reeling from last week’s loss to Iowa. However, I think this Iowa State team is slightly better than what we’re used to. First-year head coach Matt Campbell has this team on the right track. 31-17 Iowa State

Matt- Akron has a Bowden but not the right Bowden, nor the right athletes. 45-13 ISU

Baylor at Duke

Gallagher- Duke’s basketball team would beat Baylor this year. 38-21 Duke

Matt- Baylor is probably glad they are on the road as fans are restless in Waco. Things will get worse after they lose to Duke, as they’re staring at an O’fer season. 33-18 Duke

SMU at No. 20 TCU

Gallagher- Hopefully TCU is focused on the task at hand, and not looking ahead to next week’s Big 12 opener at Oklahoma State. 44-31 TCU

Matt- This pick ‘em challenge wouldn’t be fun if one of us didn’t take chances. TCU looks ahead to Oklahoma State and drops this one. 38-35 SMU

Tulane at No. 2 Oklahoma

Gallagher- So Oklahoma looked pretty good last week. Good luck rest of the Big 12. 56-10 OU

Matt- Tulane lost to Navy...enough said. 66-17

No. 18 Kansas State at Vanderbilt

Gallagher- K-State fans will be chanting “SEC, SEC” after this one. 34-20 KSU

Matt- We won’t know how good KState is until they play someone, which may not be until the TCU game. Easiest first-schedule in the Big 12. 38-16 KSU

Arizona State at Texas Tech

Gallagher- These two teams combined to score 123 points last year in an Arizona State win. If you like points, this is your game. 55-45 TTU

Matt- Todd Graham’s program is going backwards since he got there. Red Raiders will beat the Devil out of Arizona State. 63-44 TTU

Texas at No. 4 USC

Gallagher- Texas will probably win this game because college football makes no sense, but just in case I’m going to play it safe. 35-31 USC

Matt- Going with the home team in this one. If Southern Cal is back they win this one easy. 41-31 USC