The McPherson City Commission met Monday for their regular meeting and here is what you need to know:

1. Commissioners approved the purchase of a drone from Drone World and to not exceed $6,000 for the fire department. The drone will be used for maximizing response capabilities specifically in the areas of fire, hazmat and rescue. It will also be utilized in training by giving firefighters a birds eye view of what is happening during a fire.

2. Commissioners approved to accept the low bid from Vogts-Parga Construction for the total amount of $1,918,781 for the following contracts: Barnstormers street and storm sewer for $1,251,183, Barnstormers sanitary sewer for $358,782, Premiere Subdivision street and storm sewer for $231,155 and the Premier Subdivision sanitary sewer for $77,660.

3. Commissioners approved the Kansas Department of Transportation to award a contract to Pearson Construction for phase two of the Avenue A and Centennial Drive 10-foot sidewalk project. Phase two of the project was let on Sept. 20. This project is a 10-foot sidewalk that connects to the east end of the sidewalk currently under construction at Thunderbird Street. This sidewalk will run along Avenue A to the west side of the creek. It will then turn south and cross the creek near the north side of the McPherson Dog Park, then east to Centennial Drive, then north along Centennial Drive, tying into the sidewalk near Taco Johns.This will leave a section for a future project along Avenue A from the creek to Centennial Drive. KDOT received eight bids for this project, with the lowest bid of $775,216 from Pearson Construction.The city received a federal grant to cover 80 percent of the construction and engineering costs associated with this project. The city’s portion of the cost is estimated at $182,000.

4. Commissioners approved payment to Stevens Contractors, Inc. for an amount not to exceed $20,550 to Storm Water Utility for the two cross connections on the south side of Marlin and the south side of Euclid in the alley between Main and Ash Streets.

5. Commissioners approved the motion to approve the change order number two for the Plaza East Design with Earles Engineering for an amount to not exceed $14,656 for additional design requirements during the design process. 

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